Why Should Office Air Conditioning Units be Serviced Regularly?

Since the air conditioning systems are being constantly used for years in commercial buildings, dust, dirt, and more are bound to accumulate in the filters and coils. Without regular maintenance service, this could lead to an obstruction of airflow and overheating can exacerbate damage to other components.

Office Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Service

What are the common office air conditioning unit issues you might face, and how will our services fix them? Common problems include rattling noises when turned on, the release of unpleasant odour and inconsistent temperature due to cracks and leaks.

At WeCool , whether your office air conditioning unit is making abnormal sounds, or has an inconsistent airflow, our expert technicians who understand the technicalities of each problem, will have your AC running smoothly after you engage our repair services.

Our range of services include:

  • Cleaning and checking of filters and front panel cover
  • Checking of bio-pure/deodorizing filter
  • Cleaning and brushing blower wheel
  • Cleaning and checking evaporator coil
  • Vacuuming of the drainage system
  • Brushing and checking outdoor condenser coil
  • Checking of all settings
  • Checking of the refrigerant system

Should you require our services, do not hesitate to contact us at (+65) 89098688, or book an appointment for a site survey by our technicians so they can evaluate the size of the office air conditioning system to ensure that you receive the best services.

At WeCool Aircon, we carry Mitsubishi Electronic, Panasonic etc. Let us know your preference and we guarantee you the best prices. You may also scroll down to have a glance at the standard service fee.